Friday, March 6, 2015

Parents outraged over Great American Write-In

The latest group to allow pedophiles to interact with children comes as a bit of a surprise. The Women for Orange County is hosting the Great American Write-In and prominent staff members among the exhibitors are documented child molesters.  A speaker for the Irvine based women's group said the organization will not discriminate against exhibitors based on background.  Parents were told to get with the 21st Century.

Parents from Irvine and surrounding communities, including Santa Ana where the Write-In is taking place, are expressing considerable anger about the exposure of their children to pedophiles.  Several protests are planned outside the Irvine and Santa Ana City Halls and members have let leaders in those community know they expect them to boycott the event along with concerned parents.

Kay Jackson spoke for the group Concerned Parents in saying, "We expect our community to have our children's best interests at heart.  This event encourages youth participation.  Women for Orange County may consider child molestation a new acceptable trend, but we parents are not going to allow our children to be harmed.  We are encouraging all Orange County parents to ask their children to find healthier activities and to stay away from the Write-In."

One member of Women for Orange County said that 50 Shades showed society was changing and the protests will have no effect on their organization or it's plan to keep up with current social trends.

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